The Regional Climate Group at the University of Gothenburg

The Regional Climate Group (RCG) focuses on studies at regional-to-global scales. Our research is based on instrumental data, the outputs from Global or Regional Climate Models (GCMs/RCMs), and paleoclimate proxy records.

RCG has a unique profile combining modern- and paleo-climate studies within the Swedish climate research community, and an international reputation in the fields of statistical climate analysis/downscaling and paleoclimate. RCG represents a successful research environment, with a high scientific production rate, good connections with international and national research communities, and modern climate research tools and GIS competences.

Our current research topics include:
  • Past and future climate change in Sweden and China with a focus on Tibet
  • Paleo-hydroclimate reconstructions and dynamics
  • Synoptic climatology and teleconnections
  • Statistical downscaling of climate change scenarios