The Regional Climate Group

RCG was founded by Prof.Deliang Chen in 1995. The group focused on recent climate variation and change in Sweden in relation to large-scale atmospheric circulation patterns (e.g. the NAO) using instrumental data and climate model simulations in the beginning. Around 2002 the same type of climate analyzed was extended to China and some climate modeling works were started. The modeling and statistical analysis of modern time climate has been the first pillar of RCG since its start. In 2003, Hans Linderholm joined the group with his unique competence in paleoclimatology which constitutes the second pillar of RCG. Today RCG is in the position to combine modern- and paleo-climate studies in an integrative way.

RCG is organized under subject area of Physical Geography, Department of Earth Sciences. Members of the group are involved in teaching climatology courses, as well as courses in physical geography and statistical and mathematical modelling. The group also has an interest in the geographical tradition of human-environment interaction as well as the spreading of research information to non-academic areas.